How Pipe Support Design Promotes Safety for Plumbers

Pipe-Prop-DiagramAt Pipe Prop, we realize that working as a plumber can be dangerous due to the fact that you have to work with pipes on a regular basis. Our pipe support design was created with plumbers in mind and is beneficial to the plumbing industry for several reasons.

The Benefits of Using a Pipe Prop

When working in a home doing a piping job, a simple trip and fall over loose material could have disastrous consequences. The pipe support design of our product keeps pipes visible so that this risk is minimal. Additionally, this support design can elevate gas lines in the location where piping work is being done. This will ensure that the wrong pipe is accidentally cut or intertwined with another one that leads to a customer’s water lines.

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Finding Experienced HVAC Technicians Can Be Challenging

Air-Conditioner-Repair-Minnetonka-MNExperienced HVAC Technicians

When you’re looking for a technician to repair your heating and cooling system, you want someone who is going to do the job correctly the first time. At Pipe Prop, we know finding a technician with the right mix of experience for your specific repair needs can be difficult. Thankfully, systems like our adjustable pipe support system can help both new and experienced HVAC technicians complete your HVAC repair correctly and safely.

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Three Benefits of Our Pipe Support System

Pipe-Prop-Product-Only1-211x300If you work in a professional industry around any type of pipes, you may have encountered times when it would be helpful to have some type of support system to hold piping in place. If this situation sounds familiar, you will be pleased to know that Pipe Prop offers a unique pipe support system that can make your job easier. Here are three benefits of our Pipe Prop system:

1. Versatility

First, our support system can be used in a variety of settings including electrical work, roofing construction, plumbing, and HVAC jobs. One of the main reasons our product is so versatile is because of its flexibility. Our pipe support system can accommodate various widths of pipe without any loss of strength or security.

2. High Quality Material

Another benefit of our pipe system is the material used. Our product is made of tough acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) plastic that can withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and hail. We guarantee our system won’t buckle, shatter, or deteriorate.

3. Easy Installation

A third benefit of our pipe support system is its easy installation. Besides the Pipe Prop system, you will only need four other elements for installation:

  • PVC glue
  • PVC pipe cutter
  • Roofing adhesive (as recommended by manufacturer)
  • Specific electrical conduit that is suggested for resistance to sunlight

Once you have gathered your materials you can complete installation by cutting the pipe to the correct length, positioning the Pipe Prop, attaching it to the roof and laying the pipe in the saddle and securing it.

Contact our expert representatives at Pipe Prop today by calling 888-590-0120. We would love to answer any questions and assist you in making your next job faster and easier.


Prevent Major Issues With a Pipe Support System

pipe-leak1When you need lasting support for your roof piping, you can trust Pipe Prop to install their adjustable pipe support system. This innovative system not only elevates and secures your piping, but it also will withstand severe weather, such as wind, rain, ice, and more. The installation process is fast and easy. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with your new system, which can even support heavy piping. Besides securing your piping, this support system can help prevent big problems from occurring.

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3 Industries That Are Changing Due to Pipe Prop’s Pipe Support System

Commercial PlumberPipes have become a standard tool for the movement of water, gas, and other materials in both households and commercial buildings for years now. These much-relied upon fixtures, while very useful, often encounter problems over years of use. Solving common problems like erosion, freezing, and other breakage has been a mystery across many industries—until now.

The solution, Pipe Prop, has become a recognized brand name and an innovative leader in the piping industry by creating an industry-changing pipe support system that offers our many different clients dependable solutions to many age-old piping problems. Many industry professionals now rely upon our quality product to protect and support their pipe system from common damage and dangers. A few of these industry professionals include:

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