by Thomas Powell

As Director of Support Services for the City of North Richland Hills, Texas, I’m getting ready to do a million dollars in roofing and I’m going to use the Pipe Prop on all of my new roof projects. They are inexpensive and really durable! We’re using them for electrical conduit, for gas, and for condensation drains—just a little bit of everything now, anything that we need to hold off of the roof. There is absolutely no maintenance, no issues. They’re nice and clean and neat. You can adjust them to whatever height you need.

by Randy Kizer
I have used Pipe Prop on several major electrical projects and found it to be extremely cost saving and easy to install. The savings in labor, material, and equipment costs far outweigh the initial cost of the Pipe Prop. I will continue to use the Pipe Prop on all of my projects that require pipe support whether they are specified or not!