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When you have no choice but to have your pipework on display in your home, a well-designed and fitted copper pipe can look great, almost like a piece of modern art, especially when polished. But if your pipework is going to be concealed, plastic is definitely the way forward.


By its very nature, a plastic pipe has a reasonable amount of flex in it, especially along a decent sized length of it, this is a great bonus when trying to line pipes up under floors or in cavities. It also means that you don’t have to be quite as precise, fitting times for a system using mainly plastic pipe are greatly reduced over traditional methods.


Plastic pipe is easier to produce and in greater lengths, it is also easier to store and handle – this has a great effect on overall costs of producing, stocking and supplying. The winner in all of this is the end customer, in this case, You.


Coping with extreme temperatures and the ability to go from one extreme to the other, also has to be a win for the plastic pipe. Of course, making a copper pipe handle those extremes isn’t that difficult, but it does require extra work and materials.


It seems that overall, plastic is the logical choice for most applications – cheaper, easier, quicker and potentially more reliable than copper, no wonder that it seems to be the go-to choice for most contractors. If you’re considering a remodel or a new installation of any sort, talk to a professional technician as to why plastic should be the choice for you.

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