pipe-leak1When you need lasting support for your roof piping, you can trust Pipe Prop to install their adjustable pipe support system. This innovative system not only elevates and secures your piping, but it also will withstand severe weather, such as wind, rain, ice, and more. The installation process is fast and easy. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with your new system, which can even support heavy piping. Besides securing your piping, this support system can help prevent big problems from occurring.

Problems With Pipes Breaking

Last spring, a water pipe in the kitchen broke at the Roosevelt Park Recreation Center in Baltimore.  The center was closed for over a month while repairs were made to the damaged pipes. To fix the problem, the city spent nearly $10,000 on the project. In order to get to the broken pipes, workers had to rip up the kitchen floor and repair it afterwards. Many youth groups were saddened by the closure of the recreation center, where they often gathered for after-school activities. These students were excited when the center was finally re-opened after the damage was completely repaired. Major issues, such as this one, could have been prevented with the proper repairs and a pipe support system.

Pipe Support is the Answer

If you want to prevent major damage to your pipes, pipe support is your answer. At Pipe Prop, we can get you a quality pipe support system, which will protect your pipes from damage and strong elements. Contact us today at 1-888-590-0120 for more information about installing this support system for your pipes.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “Roosevelt Park rec center reopens a month after water pipe break,” Larry Perl, April 25, 2013