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Roof-Top-MaintenanceThe commercial building roof is the primary defense against harsh weather conditions, and is the most exposed to extreme heat and cold and can easily deteriorate over time if left unchecked. Building managers, commercial building owners and developers want to ensure their building investment over the long haul by performing routine roof top maintenance. From damage by harsh weather conditions and breakdown of sealants which creating holes and cracks or long-term wear on systems and infrastructure can result in expensive roof top replacement or repair.

Recognizing the Signs of Roof Top Repair Needs:

Water Stains: Check for holes or cracks in the roof which can be caused by a water leaks. Look particular for the sign of mold or damaged roof tiles or asphalt. And clearly, standing water or bubbled-up areas on roof tops are dangerous and will quickly deteriorate of the roof top sealant and further cause leaks.

Leaky Gutters: Check for breaks, cracks or tears in gutters that can cause water to pool up cause holes in the building material. In addition, make sure gutters are free from debris, gravel or other materials so as not to weight down certain areas and cause not drain properly.

Cracked Sealants: Sealants on the roof will eventually need to be replaced, patched or re-sealed. Depending upon your location, various weather conditions like harsh heat or continuous rain can damage sealants over time causing leakage or craks to appear and damage roof tops.

Roof Top Pipe Support: Air conditioning drainage pipes, electrical conduit and plumbing pipes are typically part of a commercial building roof top. Make sure you have a stable, reliable and flexible roof top pipe support system in place that is proven to withstand harsh weather conditions and load bearing requirements as well as one that has withstood extensive testing over time. Pipe Prop roof top pipe support system is the professional’s choice for adjustable pipe support and is recommended by architects, building owners and managers alike for its overall flexibility, cost-effectiveness and reliability. It’s perfect for HVAC contractors, electricians and plumbers across the United States

To learn our Pipe Prop roof top pipe support can keep your roof safe while reducing the damage to your building investment, call us at 1-800-590-0120 or contact one of our manufacture representatives today.



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