Press Release:

Miami-Dade-USPP-MDA1Pipe Prop, a popular, easy-to-install and adjustable pipe support system, now has a version with the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance* for electrical conduit. The new Pipe Prop APF-1 (1.5”) and APF-2 (2.5”) and the newly patented USPP (Unistrut) for electrical conduit are perfect to use in all areas of Florida, especially hurricane zones.

Pipe Prop’s inventor, Jim Brown, devised a unique steel reinforcement to be used with Pipe Prop specifically made for electrical conduit. This is the only product of its kind, is unique to the industry, and is the only pipe support system for electrical conduit that has been awarded the prestigious Miami-Dade NOA. 

To achieve this coveted certification, the product underwent rigorous and repeated tests for approval in hurricane zones to ensure that Pipe Prop will not buckle, shatter or deteriorate in extreme Florida weather, including hurricane strength wind, rain, sun and hail.

“Our approval by the Miami-Dade NOA for electrical conduits means contractors and architects don’t have to go through the approval process every time. We have done all the strict approvals and testing for them,” said Jim Brown, inventor of Pipe Prop and owner of JMB Industries LLC, which has manufactured Pipe Prop for condensate since 1996. “Pipe Prop now sets the standard by which all other pipe supports for electrical conduits and condensate must be measured in Miami-Dade County,” Brown said.

The Miami-Dade NOA Pipe Prop system is sold as a complete kit to ensure performance and uphold strict standards and regulations. The unique steel reinforcement attaches securely to the roof with screws, which, when combined with the Miami-Dade approved adhesive, creates a virtually water-tight seal. Pipe Prop’s tough UV-resistant polymer pipe and base unit slips seamlessly over it and is secured with the Miami Dade approved adhesive. The entire kit is easy to install, affordable and quickly adjustable to any height.

Pipe Prop has more than 60 distributors in Florida that have been selling hundreds of thousands of Pipe Prop systems in the Florida market sine 1996. Pipe Prop is manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and is sold and distributed worldwide. For more information about Pipe Prop, please visit www.pipeprop.com or call 1-888-590-0120.

*NOA No. 13-0321.08 Expiration Date: December 18, 2019 Approval Date: December 18, 2014