rooftop pipe support

The need for an adjustable rooftop pipe support for residential and commercial buildings, which effectively secures a variety of piping including condensate drains and electrical conduit is a must for building owners and managers. When roofing contractors, HVAC technicians, electricians and plumbers repair, replace and install a variety of conduit, gas lines and steel piping across the rooftop building, there is a reason that the Professional’s Choice for a complete versatile solution is the Pipe Prop.

The Professionals Choice® for Rooftop Pipe Support


When these professionals need to rely on a secure, dependable, completely adjustable pipe stand and support system, the Pipe Prop has been tested in some of the most severe weather conditions from coast-to-coast, including the hurricane force wind conditions of Florida. Additionally, the MDA-HZI stainless steel insert provides this type of stability, and fits perfectly into the pipe support stands providing a weather-tight support and greater level of strength to rooftop buildings.

For normal rooftop building conditions, the Model APS-1 accommodates up to 1½-inch piping and the Model APS-2 accommodates from 1½-inch to 2½-inch pipe and when combined with the Miami-Dade Approved Adhesive directly to commercial rooftop buildings for a secure and long-lasting solution.

Pipe Prop adjustable pipe support system was tested using variables or load factors included product height, outside temperature and whether or not adhesive was used during assembly and the results show that the Pipe Prop can safely hold and sustain between 1,745 lbs. to over 8,000 lbs. of load. For a product that only weighs in at 0.5 lbs, that equals big innovation with truly amazing results. See More.

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