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Introducing the NEW Rubber Based Adjustable Pipe Support


Pipe Prop, manufactured by JMB Industries of Fort Worth, Texas, has engineered yet another innovative product, the RUBBER BASED ADJUSTABLE PIPE SUPPORT.

The Rubber Based Adjustable Pipe Support is UV resistant and is constructed from a crumb rubber base. It is approximately 2lbs and comes in 3 different saddle sizes: RUB-1 (1.5-inch saddle), RUB-3 (3-inch saddle), and RUB-USPP (Unistrut).

“The Rubber Based Adjustable Pipe Supports are simply ‘drop and go’ with a 2lb low profile aerodynamic base. It’s even faster and easier to install than my regular Pipe Prop.” said Jim Brown, inventor of Pipe Prop and owner of JMB Industries, LLC. “The new rubber-based line is ecologically friendly, made from recycled tires, right here in the USA!”

Additional RUB features include:

  • UV Resistant
  • Low profile with an aerodynamic design for minimal wind resistance
  • Adjustable height by cutting and gluing ¾” PVC
  • No adhesive is required; just drop and go!
  • Packaged 6 per box

For more information, reviews, product certifications, specifications, test results and to locate a distributor near you, please visit www.pipeprop.com or call our corporate office at 1-888-590-0120.

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