Unistrut-ReceiverJim Brown, inventor of the Pipe Prop, was granted a patent on June 2, 2015, for his new Unistrut Adjustable Pipe Support System. This invention came about because he wanted to expand the versatility of the original Pipe Prop to accommodate more flexibility for customized piping needs, including electrical conduits, VRF Refrigerant systems and any pipe support needed for special circumstances.

“HVAC specialists, roofing contractors, roofing consultants, electricians and plumbers have ordered and re-ordered Pipe Prop with the Unistrut Receiver because of its handy, flexible and adjustable pipe support capabilities. Pipe Prop with Unistrut Receiver can be quickly glued to any .”

PVC electrical conduit and can handle side-by-side groups of pipes, suspended pipes, various odd-size pipes, and any other possible combination of pipe support needed on the job.

Unistrut-Receiver-Pipe-Support“The only limitations are the contractor’s imagination!” Brown said.

By using Pipe Prop with Unistrut Receiver, the project can be completed quickly without any complicated, time-consuming mechanical assembly.

Pipe Prop is the only pipe support system on the market with a Miami-Dade County Notice Of Acceptance*. Pipe Prop is manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and is sold and distributed throughout the US and worldwide. For more information about Pipe Prop, please visit www.pipeprop.com or call 1-888-590-0120.

* NOA No. 13-0321.08
Expiration Date: December 18, 2019
Approval Date: December 18, 2014