Pipe-Prop-Product-Only1-211x300The growth of mold in an indoor building can be more than just unsightly. It can be the cause of sicknesses and even disabilities. The three major effects of mold on the human body are allergies, infections and toxicity. For those struggling with sickness due to office mold, a check of the HVAC system may be in order. If the heating and cooling system was not built with the proper pipe support system, leaks from deteriorating pipes may be causing the illnesses in the office. The professionals at Pipe Prop can help you to redesign your HVAC piping system so that any mold problems can be resolved. Here are some ways a pipe support system will aid in a healthier office.

Avoid Makeshift Props

HVAC systems are often installed by contractors who figure out ways to make parts fit into available roof space. These fixes are sometimes made out of cut lumber, bricks and other scrap material. Because the pipe support is not well thought out, the piping on the roof of a building may shift and move over time. This movement tends to loosen connections and welds resulting in water leaking into the building. The water, often undetected, results in mold which may be making the entire office sick.

Resistance to Weather

Because many HVAC systems are on the roof of buildings, it is important that the pipe support system be resistant to all types of weather. A prop made of wood will eventually break down because of rain, snow or ice, causing the support to shift. Similarly a pipe support system made of brick may allow the pipes to slide as freezing and thawing occurs. Any movement of pipes associated with a rooftop system will eventually lead to leakage and most likely to mold as well.

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