MDA-HZI Steel Insert

MDA-HZIPipe Prop, rooftop pipe support system has been approved for electrical conduit and also has an added steel insert to be used with the Miami-Dade NOA No.:13-0321.08 Expiration Date: 12/18/19. The MDA-HZI, will greatly increase the resistance against hurricane-force winds.

Available for purchase with the Pipe Prop support stands, the MDA-HZI steel insert is perfectly fitted into the Pipe Prop support stand, thereby providing an additional level of strength and virtual water tight seal, since the pre-drilled steel rod is firmly affixed to the roof with screws and then firmly attached to the pipe support stand. Read more


Pipe Prop Receives Miami-Dade NOA

Press Release:

Miami-Dade-USPP-MDA1Pipe Prop, a popular, easy-to-install and adjustable pipe support system, now has a version with the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance* for electrical conduit. The new Pipe Prop APF-1 (1.5”) and APF-2 (2.5”) and the newly patented USPP (Unistrut) for electrical conduit are perfect to use in all areas of Florida, especially hurricane zones.

Pipe Prop’s inventor, Jim Brown, devised a unique steel reinforcement to be used with Pipe Prop specifically made for electrical conduit. This is the only product of its kind, is unique to the industry, and is the only pipe support system for electrical conduit that has been awarded the prestigious Miami-Dade NOA.  Read more


Tested and Proven Rooftop Pipe Support System

Tested-Proven2When building owners and contractors require their rooftop pipe support system for electrical conduit, condensate drain lines and other piping to stand the test of time, they depend on Pipe Prop. From bitter cold to unbearable heat, extreme weather conditions can take a toll on the structural integrity of your pipe support. That’s why professionals from California to Florida choose a solution has been tested and has the right materials to withstand variations in weather over time.

Pipe Prop rooftop pipe support product is made of UV_resistant materials called acrylonitrile styrene acrylate. This material is extremely durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions without cracking or bending. Normally, unrelenting sunlight can have a damaging effect on plastic materials, thereby losing their durability. With the Pipe Prop, it’s built-in UV resistance cancels out the normal effects of the sun on the material.

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Commercial Building Roof Top Maintenance

Roof-Top-MaintenanceThe commercial building roof is the primary defense against harsh weather conditions, and is the most exposed to extreme heat and cold and can easily deteriorate over time if left unchecked. Building managers, commercial building owners and developers want to ensure their building investment over the long haul by performing routine roof top maintenance. From damage by harsh weather conditions and breakdown of sealants which creating holes and cracks or long-term wear on systems and infrastructure can result in expensive roof top replacement or repair.

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