Pipe Prop Load Factors

How Much Weight Can the Pipe Prop Hold?

We tested the Pipe Prop to see just how much weight it can handle under various conditions without buckling, cracking, or showing signs of deterioration. The variables or pipe support system load factors we included in our product testing were:

  • Product height
  • Outside temperature
  • Whether or not glue was used during assembly

Proven results show the Pipe Prop can safely hold anywhere from 2,130 lbs. to over 3,935 lbs. with glue at 140°F.

 – an outstanding feat for a product weighing only 0.5 lbs! Obviously, big innovation does come in small packages.

The pipe support system load-testing results below show why architects and contractors consider Pipe Prop the Professional’s Choice™ for pipe supports.

In fact, it’s so reliable, contractors in Miami-Dade County, FL, use the Pipe Prop exclusively. They trust Pipe Prop to carry heavy loads while still withstanding some of the most severe and destructive weather conditions from Florida to California. Pipe Prop adjustable pipe support system has been proven and tested from coast to coast.

>> Download the NOA No. 21-0125.04

>> Download the NOA No. 20-1007.04

>> Download the Miami-Dade NOA Press Release

Results Found in Testing the Pipe Prop System

Saddle Height (in) Test Condition Ultimate Load (lbs.)
3½” With glue at 73° F 3388
3½” With glue at 105° F 3122
3½” With glue at 140°F 3935
7½” With glue at 73°F 2545
With glue at 105°F 2190
7½” With glue at 140°F 2130
15½”* With glue at 73°F 2338
15½” With glue at 105°F 2175
Once you have your Pipe Prop in hand, follow these easy instructions to complete your customized, secure model for dependable pipe support.

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Pipe Prop’s versatility and flexible design allow it to be used in a variety of ways by industry professionals nationwide.

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Field data shows just how well the Pipe Prop performs in various challenging conditions including high winds, heat, and harsh weather.

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