Remodeling-Design-300x200Plumbers, electricians, and roofing contractors all encounter dangerous situations on a daily basis that could be eliminated or managed with a proper pipe support device. At Pipe Prop, we believe that this tool can make the jobs of these three professionals easier and safer.

1. Plumbers

Whether there’s a clog in a drain pipe or a leaky toilet to deal with, plumbers work with pipes just about every time they go into work. While on a job where a plumber has to work with a building’s pipes, an accidental trip or stumble over loose materials could have disastrous consequences for the plumber and the building’s piping system. A support tool for pipes can elevate gas lines and ensure the right pipes are worked on. 

2. Electricians

When electricians are working on a wiring system, power outages are often a common side-effect. A pipe support system can support electrical devices in a building, eliminating the chances of a power outage, and minimizing the risk of electrical shock.

3. Roofing Contractors

Roofing contractors have to work at elevated heights almost every day. While a contractor is working on a roof, a supporting pipe system can prevent pipes and other materials from getting in the way. When a pipe support system is used, contractors are less likely to accidentally trip over roofing materials and fall from the roof they are working on.

Whether you operate a professional roofing service or work as a plumber or an electrician, a supporting pipe device can prevent unneeded hazards and injuries. When dangerous situations are avoided, professionals are also able to maximize their time and contribute to the profitability of their operations. To find out more about the system we’ve developed and how it can benefit your industry, contact us at the Pipe Prop today by calling 888-590-0120.