Pipe Prop Receives Miami-Dade NOA

Press Release:

Miami-Dade-USPP-MDA1Pipe Prop, a popular, easy-to-install and adjustable pipe support system, now has a version with the Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance* for electrical conduit. The new Pipe Prop APF-1 (1.5”) and APF-2 (2.5”) and the newly patented USPP (Unistrut) for electrical conduit are perfect to use in all areas of Florida, especially hurricane zones.

Pipe Prop’s inventor, Jim Brown, devised a unique steel reinforcement to be used with Pipe Prop specifically made for electrical conduit. This is the only product of its kind, is unique to the industry, and is the only pipe support system for electrical conduit that has been awarded the prestigious Miami-Dade NOA.  Read more


Three Professionals Who Could Benefit From a Pipe Support

Remodeling-Design-300x200Plumbers, electricians, and roofing contractors all encounter dangerous situations on a daily basis that could be eliminated or managed with a proper pipe support device. At Pipe Prop, we believe that this tool can make the jobs of these three professionals easier and safer.

1. Plumbers

Whether there’s a clog in a drain pipe or a leaky toilet to deal with, plumbers work with pipes just about every time they go into work. While on a job where a plumber has to work with a building’s pipes, an accidental trip or stumble over loose materials could have disastrous consequences for the plumber and the building’s piping system. A support tool for pipes can elevate gas lines and ensure the right pipes are worked on. 

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