Pipe-Prop-Assembly-Step-3Large buildings need sizable electrical, ventilation, and water systems to keep them functioning. For many facilities, this means that pipes of all shapes and sizes are necessary, and in many cases limited space means that these pipes end up on the roof. If the pipes aren’t properly supported, though, it can lead to a number of problems. This is why a good rooftop pipe support system from Pipe Prop is so necessary.

Rooftop Systems

Shopping centers, industrial facilities, office buildings, and other structures often have large roofs. For efficiency reasons, this means that the air conditioning system is often placed there, with ventilation pipes and ducts connecting it to the rest of the building. Electrical wiring is also sometimes placed on the roof, as well as any natural gas lines. If the building has any special features such as photovoltaic panels or a solar water heater, electrical wiring and water pipes might also be put on the roof. Just about every major building has something up there.

Elevated Piping

Commercial rooftops can be easily damaged by poorly placed piping. These roofs are designed to keep out sun, rain, and extreme temperatures, not carry concentrated weight. Many roof membranes aren’t designed to withstand pressure of more than five pounds per square inch. In addition, pipes expand and contract during the temperate changes of a day, and all that movement can damage the surface of the roof. For this reason, conduits are often elevated on a roof pipe support system. Not only is this a good idea, in most areas building codes require an elevation of at least six inches.

Pipe Prop Products

The best rooftop pipe support system is stable, can be adjusted to accommodate different pipe sizes, and distributes weight evenly. Here at Pipe Prop, we want to help you get the most out of your roof pipe support system, and we have a number of products designed to do just that. Call 1-888-590-0120 for more information.