Electrical-Maintenance-300x199As a professional in your industry, you know the importance of keeping everything aligned, straight and supported; especially pipes. That’s why a vertical pipe support can be an essential tool for your job. At Pipe Prop, we pride ourselves on offering the best solutions to make your job easier. Here are three things you need to know about a pipe support system and how it can work for you.

Designed for a Variety of Industries

The vertical pipe support has been specifically designed for various industry professionals, including:

  • Electricians –are less likely to encounter power outages when using the pipe support.
  • Plumbers – use the pipe supports for gas lines.
  • Roofing Contractors- use pipe support to align and hold everything in place, making the job much easier. It also helps keep important pipes in sight and organized.
  • HVAC Contractors- use pipe supports in attics and on roofs for proper flow drainage.

Holds up to 8,000 Pounds

We have tested the pipe supports to determine exactly how much weight they can bear. Depending on which product you purchase, the pipe support can safely hold anywhere from 1,745 pounds to over 8,000 pounds. This is an amazing feat for a product so small and lightweight.

Installation Is Simple

With our pipe support system you can count on easy installation. There are only four simple steps to follow and we include a full tutorial with pictures and items you’ll need right on our website.

The vertical pipe support was designed with industry professionals like you in mind. At Pipe Prop, we take great pride in ensuring that our products meet the needs of our customers. If you have any questions about any of the great pipe support products we offer, just contact us at 888-590-0120. We are happy to provide any assistance and additional information.