The Professional’s Choice for Rooftop Pipe Support

rooftop pipe support systemPipe Prop rooftop pipe support system has been the perfect solution for HVAC contractors, electricians and roofing contractors as well as building owners and managers. Because it’s lightweight, easy to customize and assemble and it’s overall structural reliability, it has become the Professional’s Choice for pipe stand and commercial pipe support solution.

The inventor, Jim Brown, worked as an HVAC contractor in Fort Worth, Texas, since 1972, and discovered the real need for a stable method and product that would provide adherence to building and commercial roof tops. In addition, it needed to be light weight, adjustable and versatile for a variety of industries including HVAC contractors, roofing consultants and architects, electricians, for conduit piping, and plumbers for condensate drain lines. What resulted was the Pipe Prop adjustable pipe support system.

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