iStock_000017130467Small1Working on industrial roofs can be dangerous if the right precautions are not taken. At Pipe Prop, our innovative adjustable pipe prop support device helps roofing contractors stay safe on the job so accidents like what recently happened in Hawaii are less likely to occur.

A Fatal Fall

A company in Hawaii, Color Dynamics Inc., was issued a citation by the Hawaii State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Occupational Safety and Health Division (HIOSH) for failing to provide their workers with a safe environment. The employees working at this company were exposed to both electrical and falling hazards while they were on the job.

The HIOSH investigated this company after one of their employees sustained fatal injuries and died after falling 50 feet off of a roof. However, Color Dynamics Inc. claimed that the allegations made against them by HIOSH have nothing to do with what happened to their employee.

Despite the company’s beliefs, HIOSH states that the company did not require their employees to use personal fall arrest systems or provide their employees with nets and guardrails in order to prevent an accident like this one. On the other hand, Color Dynamics, Inc. states that HIOSH is overlooking what they have done to protect the safety of their employees, like the innovative fall protection program that their company spends training their employees on for several hours every year.

Due to this investigation, this roofing company was given multiple citations which include failing to provide fall protection for employees, failing to give employees sufficient fall prevention training, and failing to ground electrical cords by using devices that encourage safety like the pipe prop.

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