Pipe-Prop-DiagramAt Pipe Prop, we realize that working as a plumber can be dangerous due to the fact that you have to work with pipes on a regular basis. Our pipe support design was created with plumbers in mind and is beneficial to the plumbing industry for several reasons.

The Benefits of Using a Pipe Prop

When working in a home doing a piping job, a simple trip and fall over loose material could have disastrous consequences. The pipe support design of our product keeps pipes visible so that this risk is minimal. Additionally, this support design can elevate gas lines in the location where piping work is being done. This will ensure that the wrong pipe is accidentally cut or intertwined with another one that leads to a customer’s water lines.

Plumbing Safety Tips

In addition to using a pipe support design device, plumbers should also follow the following tips in order to ensure that they stay safe on the job. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Always be mindful of electricity. Plumbers should be aware that water and electricity do not mix and be cautious when working where both of these elements are present.
  • Stay calm. If a pipe bursts or something goes wrong, it is tempting to panic. However, plumbers should do their best to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • Wear proper eye protection. When pipes are being worked on, there is always the risk of one of them breaking and spraying liquid everywhere forcefully. Protective goggles should be worn at all times to eliminate the risk of eye damage.

At Pipe Prop, the pipe design we used to create our product was created specifically with professionals in the plumbing industry in mind. To find out more information about this device and its benefits, contact us today by calling 1-888-590-0120.