Unistrut Adjustable Pipe Support - US-PP - From Pipe PropUnistrut Adjustable Pipe Support – US-PP

  • Model Number: US-PP
  • ID Number: US-PP
  • Brand: Pipe Prop
  • Manufacturer: Pipe Prop
  • Schematics: Technical Drawings

Unistrut Adjustable Pipe Support base - US-PP - from Pipe PropA unistrut version of our adjustable pipe support system

The US-PP from Pipe Prop is a unistrut version of our adjustable pipe support system for industry professionals. The variation of the APS pipe support provides the additional flexibility and reliability of a Pipe Prop product and sets it apart from homemade pipe systems, which are unpredictable at best.

The US-PP serves Unistrut up to 6″ in width or smaller and allows you to determine your own height using 3/4” Schedule 40 PVC Electrical Conduit (cut required).

The US-PP comes with 1 base, 1 saddle, and 2 self-locking straps for securing your pipe to the saddle.

Check out the APS-1 or APS-2 for alternate saddle options that support a variety of pipe sizes.

Call us at 1-888-590-0120 to order or find a local distributor near you.


Once you have your Pipe Prop in hand, follow these easy instructions to complete your customized, secure model for dependable pipe support.

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Pipe Prop’s versatility and flexible design allow it to be used in a variety of ways by industry professionals nationwide.

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Field data shows just how well the Pipe Prop performs in various challenging conditions including high winds, heat, and harsh weather.

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