Pipe Prop: Pipe Support Tool Specifications

Learn More About America’s Favorite Pipe Support Tool

Med-Load-FactorsPipe Prop has become the go-to pipe support tool for commercial roofs, winning over industry professionals everywhere. What is it about the Pipe Prop that makes it so effective?


The Material

Pipe Prop is made of a tough, durable ASA plastic that’s made to withstand the most severe weather conditions. With installations more than 10 years old, Pipe Prop has exhibited zero loss of structural integrity or capability. We’re so sure of our product that we guarantee the Pipe Prop will not buckle, shatter, or otherwise deteriorate, even in heavy rain, wind, sunlight, and hail.

According to The Plastics Web®, ASA, formally known as Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate, has “great toughness and rigidity, good chemical resistance and thermal stability, outstanding resistance to weather, aging, and yellowing, and high gloss.” Not only is ASA flame retardant, but it is also weather resistant, heat resistant and UV ray resistant, making it one of the top choices in plastics.

Dimensions and Strength

Our pipe support tools’ base measures 8 inches in diameter, and its saddle is available in two sizes:

  • Model APS-1 accommodates up to 1½-inch pipe.
  • Model APS-2 accommodates from 1½-inch to 2½-inch pipe.

At a 3½-inch height, Pipe Prop withstands loads ranging from 2,130 pounds at 140°F to 3,935 pounds at 140°F.

Pipe Prop APS-1Pipe Prop has been tested to the following standards:

  • TAS 114-95 Appendix D and Uplift and Lateral Test
  • TAS 107-95 Wind Resistance Test
  • ASTM G-154 UV Exposure 2000h
  • ASTM D638-03 Tensil Properties of Plastics
  • ASTM G 26-96 Xenon Arc Type 5x Magnification
  • ASTM G 155-00A 4500L Accelerated Weathering
  • ASTM G 155-04A
  • ASTM G 155-05
  • ASTM D 635-03 Standard Test Method Rate of Burning
  • ASTM D 635-06 Extent and Time of Burning
  • ASTM D 1929-96 2000 Standard Test Method of Determining Ignition
  • ASTM D 1929-96 2001
  • ASTM D 2843-99-2004 Standard Test Method for Density of Smoking
  • ASTM D 2843-99 2004 E1


Pipe Prop is extremely light, weighing in at only 0.5 lbs. per unit, making it easy for professionals to carry onto roofs, into attics, and up ladders.

Once you have your Pipe Prop in hand, follow these easy instructions to complete your customized, secure model for dependable pipe support.

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Pipe Prop’s versatility and flexible design allow it to be used in a variety of ways by industry professionals nationwide.

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Field data shows just how well the Pipe Prop performs in various challenging conditions including high winds, heat, and harsh weather.

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