Rubber Adjustable
Pipe Support RUB-1

  • Model Number: Rubber Adjustable Pipe Support RUB-1
  • ID Number: RUB 1
  • Brand: Pipe Prop
  • Manufacturer: Pipe Prop

The RUB-1 from Pipe Prop is the new standard in adjustable pipe support systems for industry professionals. Homemade pipe support systems are unpredictable at best. The durability and reliability of a Pipe Prop product are what set it apart.

The RUB-1 serves pipes 1.5″ in width or smaller and allows you to determine your own height using 3/4” Schedule 40 PVC Electrical Conduit (cut required).

The RUB-1 comes with 1 rubber base, 1 saddle, and 1 nylon strap for securing your pipe to the saddle. No adhesive required!

Check out the RUB-3 for a wider saddle that supports up to a 3″ wide pipe.

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