Pipe Prop Product Information

Sm2-USPP#1 Pipe Support Choice for Industry Professionals

Commercial roof applications.

The Pipe Prop is the leading pipe support and pipe support of choice for a wide variety of industry professionals across the United States. Alternative, handmade props such as wood blocks are precarious at best, and simply do not provide the durability and versatility of the Pipe Prop.

Not only is the Pipe Prop more dependable, it also provides a lasting solution to keeping pipes secure and level on commercial roofs applications. On top of being a rooftop pipe support system, our products can assist customers in the HVAC and electrical industries. In terms of applications, the Pipe Prop adjustable pipe support system is perfect for HVAC condensate drains, gas supply lines and electrical conduit piping. To learn more about our pipe support system, give us a call or check out the video below from our inventor Jim Brown.

About the Pipe Prop Adjustable Pipe Support

Learn more about Pipe Prop, what it is, how it works, and what it can do for you and your business:

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with Pipe Prop’s many capabilities and applications.

Pipe Prop Product Information

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Once you have your Pipe Prop in hand, follow these easy instructions to complete your customized, secure model for dependable pipe support.

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Pipe Prop’s versatility and flexible design allow it to be used in a variety of ways by industry professionals nationwide.

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Field data shows just how well the Pipe Prop performs in various challenging conditions including high winds, heat, and harsh weather.

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